English as a Second Language children

How Love2learn can help your child to learn English

Approximately 1 in 4 students in Australian schools is learning English as a second language. These learners come from different backgrounds.

When learning English your child needs explicit instruction and modeling of reading, writing,spelling and oral language.

The activities we offer in our Literacy Program teach your child

  • English alphabet letters and sounds (this is called phonics)
  • How to make the sounds with their mouth ,teeth and tongue
  • Listening to themselves as they make the sounds
  • Rhyming and syllables in words (phonemic awareness – sound patterns in English language )
  • How to use the sounds to spell English words
  • How to trace and write English letters in upper and lower case
  • How to use sounds to make words
  • How to read
  • Oral language activities – how to speak in English
  • Correct pronunciation of English
  • Vocabulary – naming places,people,things around them
  • Talking in front of others
  • Sharing and taking turns

We have English readers for the children to take home and many other resources you can buy from Love2Learn to make helping your child at home easier.

Our Maths program supports the learning of English

  • Familiarity of words used in maths activities are essential if tasks are to be understood
  • The Vocabulary of maths is very specific
  • For example under over greater than less than half add Subtract

Love2learn English and  Maths classes are taught using a systematic program which works in accordance to The Victorian Curriculum in Australia.

Our small classes and fun , multi sensory classes and will assist your

Child to be ready to start school with greater confidence .


I took my daughter to a Free Trial Class when I noticed that as an ESL child, English was a barrier for her to fit in and fully engage with programs in her ELC. While I hoped to bring her up as a bi-lingual child, the challenge is that with a non-English speaking environment in our family life, she was left on her own to pick up English at school. Difficulties associated with understanding others or expressing herself in English made her restless during group times and hindered her concentration during class activities at the ELC. At that stressful time, I came to know Love2Learn and made the best decision taking her to Lisa’s class!

She was instantly drawn to Lisa’s program in the first session and has since stayed on in the program. I noticed significant improvements in her language abilities, overall confidence and curiosity for learning. The program is multi-sensory, with each letter sound illustrated by a variety of vivid, familiar objects, followed by demonstration and discussion of when and how the letter sound is used. The technique Lisa applies in the multisensory instruction helped her to develop images to associate the letter sound with and understand the meaning of them. She used her new skills to apply to her reading by herself after only 2-3 sessions and she was so proud of herself! After every class she is keen to get home and read the Little Learner readers (books Lisa lent to her students based on their reading readiness level). My daughter is far more engaged in her ELC classes now.

As a parent, I have also benefited from Lisa’s programs. She is a very experienced and caring teacher. She goes the extra mile to help me understand the school system, especially the implicit norms and mindsets that as a first-time parent, I have no experience and knowledge of.

I would highly recommend Lisa’s programs for parents who are looking to enrich their children’s development, helping them to be better prepared for school and to develop their independence and learning.

Echo Shuang4 - 6 Year Old Program

We absolutely adore Love2Learn, that the teacher is proficient at articulating where my son needed help with his English, while putting no pressure on him at all. My son always looks forward going there and we saw the improvement in him from the first lesson.

Lisa is very open about the teaching methods she uses and shared some useful links with us, which we found very beneficial as a family, whose English is the second language. It’s truly amazing!

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