Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a School Readiness Program beneficial for my child before they start Prep/Foundation ?

Your child is introduced to a studio school room with little tables and chairs and is socialised with other children in a learning environment.

Your child will be taught the Alphabet names and their sounds and how to blend,segment and decode words.

We read our Little Learner Readers and trace the Capital and Lower Case letters of the Alphabet.

The children begin school with a road map on how to read words and sentences as well as know how to use a book.

This is one less burden for them when they begin school therefore they can focus on all the other things they need to learn in Term One and feel confident in Literacy.

Does this mean they will be bored in Prep/Foundation?

No, the opposite is true – They will be excited to learn new things including routines and feel so confident in Literacy and Numeracy – if they did our Maths Magic sessions that their interest in these subjects will also engage them at the enquiry level as the basic skills are being consolidated in class.

Is it best to start the program at the start of the year ?

Yes as it is a sequential Program beginning with each singular sound and learn off by heart words in sequence to match the Little Learner Readers progressing onwards to vowels/word building then digraphs and dipthongs ch sh th wh ng and ck. This takes a whole year.However, the programis run in a way that children can join during the year and still pick up and learn the sounds missed earlier in the year as we are constantly revising them.

Does Love2Learn have any Resources for sale that we can buy to help our children at home ?

Yes I sell all the Milo Monkey -Literacy resources such as The Birthday Surprise Book ,flash cards and flip book.

I also have my own Love2Learn resources for sale .

What Resoucres do we need to buy at the start of Love2Learn ?

Milo’s Surprise Party Book $32.95 and Milo’s flashcard set $29.95 or Love2Learn Sound card set $10 of Love2Learn Pack $40 which includes the sound pack.

What are your class sizes?

At Love2Learn our classes are capped at 12 children.

Often classes never make it to 12.

What happens in a Trial class?

Both the parent stay for the session so that you can assess its value as a program for your child.

A teacher will chat with you at the start,throughout and at the end of the session so you can be explained as to what is happening in the session.

When my child starts Love2Learn what do they need to bring and what do they get ?

They need to bring their bottle of water and if staying on for 2 sessions in a row their snack – NO NUTS

They also need to bring their Love2Learn Tote bag and scrap book which we give them on their first day.

What consideration do you give for children who are finding it hard to separate from their parent at the start of joining the Program ?

At the start Parents are welcome to stay until their child is settled and feels secure with their parent leaving. You can pop down and have a coffee and pop back up if you want to or go shopping or for a walk

over a few sessions until both you and your child feel confident with them staying in class by themselves.

Can I stay in the room with my Toddler ?

Yes if you take charge of them. We have some blocks for them to play with. When they become noisy you will need to take them outside.

I cannot allow them to join in with the activities because as the groups get larger the toddler is then taking up space and has become so used to joining the group that it is difficult to explain to them that they cant any more.

Do the Prep and Grade 1/2 Classes also include Numeracy ?

No they are strictly Literacy classes run for 1 hour . To run a 2 hour Literacy and Numeracy class after school would be too tiring for them after their long day at school.

Why is Private Tutoring helpful for my child?

Private Tutoring is where your child has the benefit of working one on one with a highly experienced teacher who will assess your child’s needs in either Literacy or Numeracy by running some tests with them. They may also request to see your child’s report and Naplan and most definitely will need to read any specialist reports and look over their recommendations. Our Tutors are happy to consult with your child’s school teacher to gain further direction on any specific areas that need support working in with the topics they are doing that term . A Learning Plan is then drawn up and as a parent you are consulted about it. There is a fee for Assessments/Report reading/Meetings at schools with Teachers or for IPL meetings if you wish for our support and advacasy which is oven needed if your child has a specific learning difficulty which has been diagnosed.If after our assessment if we feel that your child may benefit from having assessments by outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists,Speech Pathologists  etc we will do our best to steer you in the right direction.

Private Tutoring is an individualised Program for your child’s specific needs.