Joyful Kids

Joyful Kids is a mindfulness based program. It teaches children about their physical , social and emotional selves bringing awareness to their whole being.

This is done through

  • Current and trending Picture story books on the themes of Kids Yoga  and Mindfulness
  • Teaching them about their muscles and how to respond to tightness through Body Scanning
  • Positive affirmations
  • Gratitude activities
  • Visual Guided children’s meditations
  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques
  • teaching them how to find their own personal space
  • teaching them how to find joy in hobbies and nature
  • Sleepy time tips
  • Basic relaxation massage techniques they can use on themselves
  • basic stretching and children’s yoga poses
  • building awareness of our emotions
  • craft -blowing bubbles, making glitter jars, bath bombs and dream catchers .

I am passionate about my new program. My personal background aside from teaching is having studied for several years part time at Southern School of Natural Therapies studying massage and other modalities. I have worked as a massage therapist and while I was teaching I studied alongside an Educational Psychologist working with her Relaxation for Kids Program and then running it with my classes at the Primary school I taught at.

Let’s begin planting the seeds of Wellness with our Pre Schoolers and teach them so that they have every day skills that they can rely on to help them grow up in our busy lives.