3yo Little Learners love Literacy & Maths magic class

1 hour

2022, Wednesday & Thursday 11.45am-12.45pm

Your child will have fun meeting Milo the monkey and all his animal friends as we journey each week through the alphabet learning letters and sounds.
A typical session includes:
  • Show and share – where the children bring items from home starting with the sound from the prior week in their own little Milo Monkey box!
  • Reading our Milo monkey story book page for the week, learning the letter name and sound.
  • Singing our Milo monkey box song and discovering all the items inside beginning with our sound for the week.
  • Doing Rainbow tracing of the upper and lower case letter for the week in bright colorful textas.
  • Decorating our Animal friend for the week using art and craft materials
  • Having fun doing a hands on maths activity and learning counting rhymes.
  • Story time and goodbye song

This program uses Little Learners Love Literacy and our very own Maths magic program following the Victorian Curriculum.