4 – 6 Year Old Literacy

 2022  4-6yo class

1 hour 30 mins

Wednesday-Friday 9.30- 11am

What to expect in a class

  • Show and share – the children bring items from home beginning with the initial sound of the letter learnt in the previous session.
  • Reading a page from ‘Milo’s Surprise book’, meeting an animal friend and learning the letter and sound.
  • Singing our Milo box song and exploring the items in it that start with the sound of the week.
  • Doing Monster tracing on our Ipad and then rainbow tracing of our upper and lower case letter of the day with our bright coloured textas.
  • Singing our dynamic Letter/sound chant  and doing ‘Speed sounds’
  • Learning to blend words together using our letters and sounds
  • Learning our high frequency words used in our readers which we call  ‘Heart words’
  • Reading our Little Learner decodable readers which we then get to take home and practise our reading skills.
  • A fun interactive ‘Maths magic’ Number sense activity
  • Story time
  • Singing our Goodbye song together

In preparation for getting ready to start school your child will be taught :

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Sounds-letter links A-Z
  • Sounds ck ng sh ch th wh
  • Word blending /segmenting
  • Sentences
  • Heart words- High Frequency words
  • Reading our Little Learner take home readers
  • Upper and lower case letter tracing and writing in Victorian Cursive script
  •  Writing their names.
  • Oral Language / Vocabulary Development
  • Craft/Music/Games and Fun
  • Number Sense activities

Your child will also develop social skills, co operation, taking turns, listening, sharing whilst building confidence in themselves.

This program uses Little Learners Love Literacy and our very own ‘Maths magic’ program.