Our ‘Maths magic’ Program

Our Maths magic program follows the Victorian Curriculum and teaches Number Sense. setting a firm foundation in Numeracy

You child will be delighted to meet Zac and Molly who travel on a Mathematical journey with their pet unicorn Diamond!

These classes develop a love of Maths from an early age and an interest in how Maths applies in our every day lives.

It sets them up for a successful introduction to Maths at school.

One main focus is the vocabulary that is used in Maths so when they begin school they are familiar with the basic terms and words used in Maths.

  • Number Sense Activities
  • One to one correspondence
  • Problem Solving
  • Basic Addition/Subtraction
  • Groups of /How many groups of
  • Location
  • Money
  • Time
  • Shapes
  • Pattern and order
  • Measurement
  • Maths Vocabulary

Maths Activities to do at home to promote children’s Numeracy concepts

  • Talk about the shapes of things and go looking for every day objects that are those shapes
  • Look for similarities and differences in things -which is bigger/smaller/longer/wider?
  • Count the number of cans in the pantry /beds in the house
  • Collect items and make repeating patterns with them
  • Cook together and let them help measure the ingredients
  • Talk about the days of the week they do certain activities on
  • Take them grocery shopping and get them to count as they put fruit into a bag /look for how much items cost- which is more expensive?
  • Study our Australian coins and notes  together and look at their values
  • Find all the things in the house that have numbers on them