Joyful Kids Program-Mindfullness/Yoga/Meditation

Joyful Kids is a mindfulness based program. It teaches children about their physical, social and emotional selves bringing awareness to their whole being.

  • Story books on the themes of Kids Yoga and Mindfulness
  • Teaching them about their muscles and how to respond to tightness through Body Scanning
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Gratitude activities
  •  Guided children’s Meditations
  • Mindfulness and Breathing techniques
  • Teaching them how to find their own personal space
  • Teaching them how to find joy in hobbies and nature
  • Sleepy Time tips
  • Basic hand and head Relaxation Massage techniques they can use on themselves
  • Stretching and  Yoga poses
  • awareness of our emotions
  • craft activities  like -blowing bubbles, making glitter jars, bath bombs and dream catchers.

Let’s begin planting the seeds of Wellness with our children