Prep Class

Wednesday 4-5pm

This wonderful program is designed to help support your child in learning the basic foundations in  reading, writing and spelling.

We will teach them:

  • Letter/Sound links
  • How to use their letter/ sound links to read and spell words
  • Phonemic Awareness activities – rhyming, syllables
  • Blending/Segmenting words
  • Making, writing and reading sentences
  • Reading skills using our amazing Little Learners love Literacy decodable readers. These readers optimise words you can sound out and help them to learn and read other words that cannot be decoded at this stage ‘Heart words’. ‘ Australian Readers children love to read and can read !’
  • High Frequency words ( Heart words ) used in reading and writing
  • Handwriting- Victorian cursive script – letter formation, direction, sizing and dotted thirds line position.

Yr 1/2 Classes

Thursday 4-5pm

This class is an extension of all that is learnt in our Prep class.

We teach:

  • Letter/Sound links,
  • Blending / Segmenting words
  • Digraphs  ( ck ng qu th ch ph wh tch)
  • Long Vowels ( oo  ea  igh   aw   or and many more ) We teach them the different sound patterns that make the same sound in words.
  • Reading and spelling words – blending and segmenting them
  • Synonyms/Homonyms/Homophones/Antonyms
  • Writing – Punctuation , Grammar, Recount, Narrative and Report Genres.

The children will read our Little Learners love Literacy decodable readers matching in with the sound patterns taught in the session of the day. They will also take a reader home from our wonderful selection.