Private Tutoring and Assessment

Private Tutoring in Literacy and Numeracy with Lisa Price is done at Love2Learn.

1 hour sessions are $95
Preschool Children / Primary children up to Grade 4

Assessments in both Literacy and Numeracy for Preschool / Primary children up to Grade 4

The session is usually 1hr and it is followed up with a discussion with the parent and an emailed report.

The Fee for this is $190 in total

For more information regarding either Tutoring and Assessments please contact us.

Lisa Price is also available as an advocate for your child to visit their school and aid with positive and effective communication and outcomes between teachers/parents and your child.

Why have Private Tutoring ?

Sessions working one on one with your child are the most effective way to work on an individual plan and program for your child’s specific needs moving forward.
When working this way we can also incorporate any work or specific skills that your child’s school has flagged as being important.

We can look at the school reports and any other Specialist reports and determine a plan that meets your child’s needs.

Why have an Assessment done ?

There are times when a parent may feel uncertain as to whether the feed back they are getting from school matches their perception of how their child is progressing.
Often the Assessment confirms the schools information is correct or it may highlight the need to re assess the child’s individual needs plan at school or indeed seek the assistance of specialists such as Speech Pathologists, Educational Psychologists, Audiologists  or Learning Difficulty specialists such as SPELD. Lisa can offer direction in this area.

Assessments also fine tune where your child needs help in Literacy and Numeracy specifically and then this information will guide successful outcomes in a Private Tutoring Program. It may be that the Assessment results can be best worked through in our small classes and not tutoring.